Retail & Utilities

Trend gurus predict a steady growth in global IT spending in retail and utilities alone due to a growing number of retail companies.

The industry is embracing technology like never before, using it for business innovation, optimize operations and to understand customers (emotions and spending patterns); shaping the growth of the market. Social media, mobile commerce, Big Data Analytics and Cloud technologies are creating an ecosystem that allows retailers of all sizes to improve operations efficiency and time incurred in customer servicing. This trend is only going to intensify with all the mergers and acquisitions and research in the coming years.


Veracity Software knows how technology influence is changing the way retail and utilities sector does business. In this digital world there is huge data available on internet and this data is compelling for every sector. For retail especially, it will be the most important driving force in coming years. There is technological challenge to process and analyze structured and unstructured data and Veracity Software came up with their own in house product eTrendFinder, which can process and analyze data to find growing trends in market. We are working with our retail clients to customize it as per their need and it’s going to add tremendous value to them in terms of revenue and growth.