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About Us

Why Veracity

Our core architecture group is constantly working on prototypes and frameworks for various business domains like investment banking, finance, insurance and healthcare.


Our team is our strong resource. Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients is a credit to their quality work and their leadership. As experienced designers, creative heads,…


With more than 3 years of experience, Veracity Software is recognized as one of the leading development company around the world. We serve our clients with quality services…

Our Services

Web Solutions

Designing websites is easy the trick lies in developing websites that are good to look at, easy to navigate, fast to load and compatible across majority of the browsers.

Application Development

In this changing world, it is impossible that you can provide solution to every requirement of your clients. Therefore,it is wise to outsource some of your functions…

Support and Maintenance

Veracity Software production support team can constantly monitor your application’s health and proactively address your business issues 24/7, 365 days.

Quality Engineering Services

Software Testing is one of the most important stages in software development life cycle. Bug free software product always enhances the comfort level…

Top-Quality IT Development Services



Our technology expertise and proficiency, the result of more than 3 years of expirenece, features many technology areas such as Java, C/C++ and web development etc.


As a software solution provider Relevant Software hands over high-quality services. We build trust and respect through high performance and results expected by our customers and partners.


We make software development process transparent and intelligible for every customer. Delivery of appropriate software development service that meets all client’s requirements.


A bug-free software product always enhances the comfort level of the application user and thereby contributes to the productivity of usage of the software.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We promise to our customers the highest level of service. We keep our customers’ goals in mind by listening to them and we are fully committed to developing strong, long-term relationships. Because effective, innovative solutions and experienced professionals, we hire the very best available.

Client Focus

Our key goal is to deliver outstanding service to each and every client. Success can be quantified in terms of revenue earned, profits made, hours of productivity saved and often improvement in the corporate perception which leads to greater organizational growth.

Dedicated Teams

Our Dedicated Teams offer clients a simple, creative answer to build-up of any software development project. We provide experts with specialized skills as needed for particular tasks. This flexible methodology renders the software development process more distinct, user-friendly and guarantees better resource efficiency.

Quality Assurance

Every single project goes through a similar set of quality process. We never compromise on our quality of service, even while maintaining our competitive rates. For us, quality doesn’t only include the absence of bugs in the software, but it also grab overall performance, usability, scalability.

Our Expertise

We serve our clients with quality services and deliver what they want. Having great experience in different development sectors, we stand first to adopt all the latest technologies to provide our clients with some unique developments. Our clients boost our moral as we are ready to change us according to market requirements.

Unlimited Support

As applications and products become increasingly complex, end user support is essential to improving productivity while simultaneously driving operational cost reduction. Our proven methodology combines best practices with innovative strategies for application maintenance, process improvement, and update implementations.